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Artist InUs

Born in Yonkers, New York, Artist InUs (Muhammad Suber) began sketching at about 4 years old. While growing predominantly self-taught, he started out using colored pencils, pens and markers to inject real-life figures into a fantasy setting, creating superheroes out of everyday people from his life into his work- which can be viewed at http://artistinus4.wixsite.com/muhammadsuber. His goals are to complete public art projects around his current hometown, Atlanta, and form an outreach to a community while breaking into the videogame industry as a 2D artist, creating a nonprofit that trains youth in artistic techniques and current 2D and 3D animation to increase the diversity of representation in emerging art-technology industries.


Jean-Luc Espinet

Born in Miami FL to Trinidadian immigrants who like many before them had come to the united states seeking a plethora of opportunity. His parents, wanting to rekindle their island roots, returned home to raise him and his sister in the place of their birth. Being Trinidadian has influenced his work as an artist, from the way he creates, to the clothes that he wears, to the music he listens to. He moved to Atlanta in 2010 and has been looking for ways in my creative outlets to let the world know that he is an individual of color,  but sees no color, he is an American but at the very same time he is a very proud to be West Indian and an even more proud Trinidadian, the world isn't black and white and it shouldn't be viewed as such.

 "In my work I try to reflect that  through motifs that draw imagery from different races culture and religion, my vision is to eliminate boundaries and create an awareness of self through imagery."



Bravo is an emerging visual artist. His works have been seen at a number of underground art shows throughout Atlanta. He is very interested in showcasing his artwork abroad.

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